No maps available error, tom tom 5000

Jan 23, 2016
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tom tom 5000
Hi, can someone help please. I have a tom tom 5000 and decided to do a map update yesterday with my drive connect. Updated the map no problems and the my drive is saying the device is uptodate and the maps are installed on the device,but the device is saying no maps available please download a map you already own or buy a map etc. i cannot even access any settings on the device it wont do anything. i have been tying everything all afternoon and cannot get it to work..

Thank you
Let's make sure that we've actually covered 'everything'.
Disconnect the unit and allow it to turn off. Press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds until you see the logo and hear the drums, then immediately release the button. Now see if a map comes up.
Thanks for the quick reply, Just tried this and no, i just get a red line with no maps available and underneath reinstall a map you already own or go to the tomtom shop to buy a map.
What do you think, dhn? Full recovery attempt?
What do you see at My Maps under My Content in MyDrive Connect?


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It looks like the map is being installed onto the SD card. Does the new Nav4 device need to do anything to switch from unit memory map to SD card map?
Not really. Just Maps-->select map. Both maps on a card and internal should be selectable.
i have tried loading the maps to the device but makes no difference.
I don't think it will fit on your device. The map on your sd card shows 6483MB where free space on device is 6266MB, so TomTom MyDrive automatically install it onto SD card. (I don't think there is an option to move the map from one to another)
No it wont fit and automatically goes onto the memory card as you say. i tried putting a smaller map on the device and still got the same message.

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