MapShare Map Updates Never Available...

Dec 1, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
I got my TomTom 550TM over a month ago, and there has never been a time when I could update my maps via the "MapShare" function. Why is it that I still haven't been able to update my maps?

Thank you.
MapShare doesn't update the maps you need to connect the device to your PC and start up TomTom Home_2 here there is an option for checking for updates just click the "Update my Go" button - Mike
What is "TomTom Home_2" and where can I find it? I only have TomTom HOME.
When you start TomTom Home what version is it? Pressing Help/ About Home from within TomTom Home will give you this information - Mike
So you are running TomTom Home_2 with the device connected to the PC and Home_2 running try clicking Tools/ Latest Map Guarantee that might force a map update as you have 28 days in which to use it.

Secondly what map version have you got installed to the device as the latest is V860 - Mike
2.7 is the latest version. I think you might be somewhat confused by mikealder calling it HOME 2 (although that is correct and is the same thing)

HOME version 2.7 is what you will see on the program when it opens.


ps: its always a great idea to include the model, application version and map version in your signature line.

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