Ran MapShare updates and now can't plan a route (Tomtom XXL 550, One New Edition)

Nov 3, 2015
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XXL 550, One New Edition
My TomTom reminded me to run MapShare updates so I did that today. First I had the error message about the invalid certificate. When I googled, one solution was to "x" out of it and the updates would continue. That is what I did. When everything was done, I tried to plan a route. If I pick VA, it only shows me the cities I have picked before. When I pick a city, it only shows roads that I have picked before.

If I pick a recent destination, it will generate the route, so I feel the maps are there. What seems to be missing is the picklists of cities and streets. If I pick NY, the only choices for city is Brooklyn, probably because I planned a route in Brooklyn.

Can anyone help? I love this Tomtom and I can't believe the update seemed to destroy it. Thank you.
Actually sounds normal, depending upon how you're starting off the destination input. Those most recently used are the ones that appear.
For example, since I 'cleared' my 740 out, the only city I've been to is Denver, so for "City:", that's the only one that shows when I select "Street and house number". But I can (and can't you?) type in a new city name? Is the keyboard showing up?
I can start typing but it says No Streets Found or something like that. So if I want Quincy, I start with Q and it says it can't find anything. That is why I think my picklists are missing. I can kick myself for trying to update the GPS. Any help would be appreciated.
Try a reboot of the device.
With the device powered up, hold the power button for about 20 seconds, or however long it takes for the logo to appear and the drums to sound. Immediately release the button when you see/hear that.
Any improvement?
Good idea about the reboot, but I tried it and it didn't work. Things look the same.

Arno, the city is Arlington Virginia and the street name was Quincy. That was what I was looking for and it said no street found after I put in the letter Q.

Thank you.
What did it do when you started to type "A"rlington? It sounds like you got that far, at least.
So ... back to potential solutions.
Let's see if backing out all of the Mapshare changes solves the problem. This will remove ALL of the changes since you last installed a new map (if ever).
Connect your device and let Home fire up. Then minimize Home to get it out of your way. (Don't close it, just minimize it).
Using your PC, navigate to your US map folder (likely called USA_Canada or similar). Within that folder, you should find a file called MapServerPatch.dat.
Copy that file to somewhere on your PC where you can find it. Then delete that file, and ONLY that file from your 550's USA_Canada map folder.
Using Home, properly disconnect your 550 (I just use the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen)..
Disconnect and reboot your device. Do not yet connect it to your PC.
See how it works. Since we have just removed the Mapshare content, this will eliminate it as a potential issue for you.

Next time you connect your 550 to Home, be ready for a large Mapshare dump since you won't have any on your 550 now.

Meanwhile, another question. Have you ever performed a full backup of your unit, or have you ever downloaded a FULL new map for your 550 (when you first got it, or by subscription, or whatever other reason)?
Mark me down as the stupidest TomTom user ever. There was never a problem. As you and Arno said, I was describing normal behavior. I am used to apps having complete picklists and was misled by my other experiences, compounded by seeing the No Streets Found when I entered a Q. Turns out after I typed QUI, did I finally get Quincy Street. So, please ignore my ignorance, and thank you so so much for helping me. I was really distraught thinking I had hosed the TomTom so I think I was overreacting and didn't take the time to really figure it out. THANK YOU!!!!
No, you are not a dummy and my bad for not reading your first post properly.

Our old NAV2 devices are not very adaptive and thusly did not offer an address for N Quincy St.
I had forgotten about the "No streets found" and can imagine that it can be a tad disturbing.

On the new NAV4 devices the street comes first but Quincy needs , Arl before N & S Quincy are offered.


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