Ssangyong Korando 2019

Jul 3, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
Ssangyong Korando inbuilt
Hello everyone this is my first post and first Tom Tom sat nav.

I have recently bought a Ssangyong Korando 2019 registered but old model, I bought it for its caravan towing capabilities, it has an inbuilt Tom Tom sat nav.

Now for the question does anybody know whether I can update or change the sd card for one that will allow for towing a caravan? routes to avoid narrow lanes, low bridges, not so caravan friendly roads.

Or can I purchase a suitable sd card anywhere it would save me having to buy a separate unit. Thanks
I was unaware that TomTom was doing business with any of the Korean manufacturers. I am only familiar with units supplied to Renault, Lexus, Fiat, Daihatsu/Toyota, Mazda and Vauxhall.
Can you determine the first two characters of the serial number of the device? If you can't find it any other way, you can inspect the file called ttgo.bif in the root of the device or card (it may only use the card).
In that file, you will find lines starting with:


and last,

The content of those lines will give us a better idea of the exact model and current update level of your device. Please copy/paste them here if you can.
Thanks canderson I will try and make that my mission for today, I am of an age where just switching it on is a task. I will get back to you thanks
Very good. What we'll be trying to establish is whether the model you have ever offered the 'caravan' option. The map needs the right content for 'caravan' use, and the right firmware has to be in place on these units to interpret that data.
Hi had a look at the unit and the instructions book, taken a photo of the sd card. Sorry tried to upload the photos and it won't accept the picture format. The sd card is a 8gb with the numbers 89210 - 34010 and very little else.

The manual has a software upgrade information page .
Upgrade map and AVN software download URL
AVN Detailed Manual download URL
Copyright notices 1992=2017 Tom Tom
Hope this gives you some indication of the model used
Paul p
I have downloaded the firmware for the C300 model of your vehicle.
All I can tell you is there was an update for that model in May 2019 that no doubt took care of the common Week Number RollOver issue.
I am unable to determine which branch of TomTom code it came from. It's all in a wrapper from the manufacturer of the vehicle.
The first two characters of the serial number, at a minimum, would help.
I SUSPECT that the underlying TomTom code may be very similar to what is used by Daihatsu and Toyota.
Thanks for your time canderson, so probably going to be better buying a stand alone unit. I will update anyway and try it first on fastest route setting, I noted today it was on shortest distance which is probably why it took me down all the back streets last trip out before lockdown. Now we are out of lockdown I will be using the caravan again.

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