Transferring Map Corrections to new map?

Sep 25, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
Go 530/730/930
Using GO730

When I update my Truck Map to a newer version I cant find how to transfer my Map Corrections across to the new Map, I copy all of my poi's etc and also the mapsettings.cfg file across to the new map and it transfers recent destinations etc but none of the Map Corrections are transferred. I drive a truck into small towns and some routes suggested by TomTom are not suitable for my access to these places and I need to approach from a different direction to access customers premises, nothing physically or legally wrong with the TomTom route but not the ones for me to use. It remembers the Corrections for when I go to that place again, just cant seem to copy them to the new map!

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to transfer the corrections across?
Welcome to TomTomForums.

What model is your new device?
Your generation 730 is over 9 years old and one of the great features, making corrections without sharing, is no longer possible.
True map corrections, if you shared them with all/TomTom, once verified should come back to you via QuickGPSfix updates (when you connect to HOME). They will the be incorporated within 2 to 3 quarters in a new map.

The answer to your question, if you have a newer device, is no, there is no option to transfer map corrections..
Thanks for your reply Arno, I just thought that there maybe a file or setting that I could take and put into the new map folder..... but never mind, No new device just new map on the old faithful device.... Cheers anyhow mate...
If you downloaded your 730 to the PC and gave it a Drive letter you can see the file system with Windows Explorer (Finder ?).
TomTom had to stop the illegal copying and for quite some time has changed there system that nothing can be added or deleted.
Thanks for the reply Arno, I'll just have to put it on the map manually as avoidances etc...… Was just trying to find an easier way, but never mind...…:(:(:(
Where I used to live I would take the M road to 'work' (fastest) but the A road back as I did not like that section of M even though it was a minute faster.
I internally only blocked the M road entrance in that direction and was happily directed over the A road.

Wish I could still do that with today's devices,
That's pretty much what I did but in the end I made a poi / waypoint on the side of the area I wanted to approach from and travelled via that poi. Just trying to keep the old 730 chugging along with downloaded maps from the net cos there isn't long to go to retirement now and don't really need a new device at £400+.....
A bit of legacy update on Nav2 map modifications while I'm moving the thread:

Working from memory here, and not home to check correct file extensions (I believe *.cfg), but there are two files that keep the map updated. One is servermappatch that used to be supplied in regular MapShare updates. The other is usermappatch that contains all of the user defined map corrections. This can be saved and moved to a new map when installed.
IIRC that must be moved although I remember a couple of instances where I just made new Private map corrections.
If there are a lot of them, it's more convenient to move the old file.

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