TomTom Via 1400 Beeping at random intervals, even when switched off.

Sep 22, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
VIA 1400
We've had a TomTom Via 1400 for a few years now, and so far it's worked without any problems.

Recently though, it's begun beeping at random intervals, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours between beeping session. Every time it does beep, It begins with a long beep, followed by a series of short beeps. We have all alerts switched off, and the strange thing is, it even does this when it's not switched on.

The battery is always fully charged, and it can happen if we're moving or stationary. Just to test it, it happened while it was sitting in the house today, with the power off. It doesn't matter if it's plugged in to the power, or not, it will still beep whenever it feels the need.

The only change we've had recently is to update the local maps. It has 2840 MB free with Australia map v10.55 installed and the original New Zealand map, which we never bother to update, as we don't live there. Tonight I tried to install the New Zealand map just to see if that would make a difference, but the server timed out and it wouldn't download to my laptop, via MyDrive Connect.

The Quick GPS fix is always available to download too, and permanently ticked in the download section of MyDriveConnect, even though I told it to update it when the Australian maps were updated the other week. We didn't notice any beeps before the map update.

Had a look online and can't find anyone else who seems to be having this problem.
Weird. We've had situations where some users didn't realize they had the alert signal set for the pois near school zones but the unit beeping when off is curious indeed. Have you tried a drum reset?

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