How to add custom voices, POIs to iPhone without Jailbreaking - Discussion

Hi guys, sorry to necro this thread...

I had v1.7 with custom POIs working fine, but they are not visible in the POI Types selector in v1.8.

I have deleted the old files, and renamed the .bmp to .png using paint, then copied the data back across using Diskaid...

Any ideas on why the files are not available please?
You need to make sure the icon files are 24 bit png files, the easy way to do this is to open the bmp icon file using Paint and use Save As and select 24 bit bmp then use the Save As and select png.

Put the modified icons on to the iPhone and you should now be able to see the icons, note most poi icons are supplied as 8 bit and these don't work when converted to png without the intermediate step to increase the colour depth - Mike

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