Adding/Editing Custom POIs on Go 510

Oct 27, 2009
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I have now managed to load all my custom POIs onto my new Go 510 thanks mainly to the great help I have received n this forum.

So now I can go to "My Places" and call up all my custom POIs and use them as destinations..

Can I edit Custom POIs stored in folders under "My Places" and can I add POIs to a particulate custom folder shown under "My Places" or must I do all the editing on the PC and reload my POIs?

If I reload a POI file that already exists on the 510 will the original file be overwritten or must i first delete it?

You can't edit on the device. I think that redoing on the pc and then syncing with the device overwrites but wait for feedback from canderson and/or Arno. They know better than I.
You can take a POI and make it one of My Places and rename it but it remains as original downloaded in the ov2.

Any changes must be made on the computer with TYRE or what have you.
I'm sure you can tell by my questions that I am a newbie. If I find a POI that has an error in its name, or is, in fact non-existent, how can the error be corrected, or the erroneous POI be deleted?

Second question, what is TYRE, and how does it work with my GO 620?


TYRE is a free computer program that can be used to create, rename and coordinate relocate a personal POI, to be saved with a given name and the extension .ov2

Once made on the PC open MyDrive Web click 'My Places', click POI files, go to bottom, click Import POI file and click on the.ov2 folder made. It should now show in the list above in alphabetical order,

Next time you power up your device that ov2 folder will be synced and should show in My Places alphabetically starting below the last My Places entry but without the ov2 extension.

To see the list of POI's in that folder, go to Menu > My Places > tap the (ov2) folder and all will be shown by increasing distance from current location.

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