Adding memory to XL 350

Dec 26, 2010
I've got an old XL 350 and I'm running up against the memory limit with the new 945 map for North America. I'm down to only the operating system, the map and one (non-computer) voice, and I've got only 15 MB left. I suspect by the next map release I'm going to be out of luck.

From what I can tell, map zones aren't available for my 350 XL (no Zone option in TomTom Home), and I realize the XL 350 does not have an SD memory card socket. Now I have seen references to being able to solder an SD card into the main board. Most of these seem to involve the earlier One XL models; the most detailed is here on YouTube:
However, when I look at the main board of my XL 350 the layout is just different enough that the connections are not the same.

I realize this is well beyond what most people would do, but if anything I am determined, and I have experience as an electronics tech, so I'm not fazed by the difficulty.

So my real question is whether there is a better guide to adding an SD memory socket to my XL 350.
Are you **Sure** you can't get a zoned map for that model? Call CS to confirm:
Earlier I had conflicting information from TomTom Technical Support. I was told that if Map Zones were not available in TomTom Home it meant that my model did not allow that feature. However, I finally found another post stating the option to install Map Zones is available only *after* the device memory is full and the map can no longer be updated. I had 15 MB free on my device, so the option never appeared in TomTom Home. I finally coped an additional voice onto my device, and then I could no longer update the map. At this point the Map Zone option appeared and I could download and install a zoned map. Thanks for urging me to try again.
That is interesting and maybe good advice for someone having the same problem in future.

Would you remember how big that voice file was or how little memory was left before you were offered the zoned map automatically?

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