Adding POI to GO 60

Apr 7, 2019
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I followed the instructions and watched the video. My POI are now sitting there on the left side of . My device is connected via usb to my PC. Nothing is transferring. Why not?
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When you click on My Places in the site you should see the screen print on the left with FAVOURITES underlined (yes, that is the proper spelling!).
That listing comes from your 'My Places' entries on you device, after syncing.
The right side shows the POI categories, which show below your My Places list on your device.
To get them, you have to click on POI FILES then, at the bottom, IMPORT POI FILE.
That will open your PC file system and you click on an existing .ov2 file.
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I appreciate your rapid response. The problem is the POI have not transferred to my device. Do I have to activate TomTom services first? I didn't want to do that because I didn't want to have another app on my phone.
I installed the app on my phone and now see how it all works. I was hoping to just be able to drag my OV2 file into a directory on the device like in the old days.
Apparently, the Services on the device, with phone app on and linked to the device via Bluetooth, are what establish the account that the device is attached to. Without the phone app running and paired via Bluetooth to the device, a POI upload won't work. So you just can't load POI from PC to device directly, without also using the Services and phone app. Not what I was hoping for.
I installed the app on my phone and now see how it all works. I was hoping to just be able to drag my OV2 file into a directory on the device like in the old days.
You do not use the phone to install POIs, you use the web.

After opening you log in to that page with the SAME eMail address and password that you use for your device.
If your device is not WiFi enabled, connect via USB cable. If you have downloaded and installed MyDrive Connect it will open and let you look at your device' particulars, ignore for now.

Once logged in on the web you will see a popup like the left screen print but the My Places icon will still be in the left margin and the page unpopulated.
Once you click that icon the page will be populated with the entries on your device (no recent destinations).
If you now click POI Files and Import POI Files at the bottom you double click on a previously saved .ov2 file and "Robert is Your Mother's Brother"!

I would recommend to leave the MyDriveWeb site in a pinned tab in your browser so you can add a new POI category with three mouse clicks ant time.
I understand that. But unless I use the phone app linked by Bluetooth to my device (GO 60 s) nothing will transfer over. The phone app/Bluetooth connection is what you use to log the device into your account, which then allows the transfer from There is no other way to do it. The device must be connected to the internet in order to receive POI, which must be done through a smartphone. See
If your device is correctly connected via USB with MyDrive Connect running (using the same email and password on MyDrive Connect, MyDrive Web, and on your GO 60 device), the POI will transfer without using your phone. That is how I update POI files on my GO 600. For the following, be sure you are using the same email/password for all 3 steps. We will take this step by step, assuming nothing has yet been configured.

Hook up your 60 via USB,. MyDrive connect should appear automatically. When it comes up, be sure that you are logged in with the correct email and password (the email shows in the upper right corner)

On your GO 60, go to Menu / TomTom Services. Make sure that "MyDrive" shows "Activated". If it does not, click on it and make sure your email is correct, and enter the password, and press "Log in".
Once your 60 shows "Activated" for MyDrive, go ahead and back out of the menu system on your 60.

Now, bring up MyDrive Web
Make sure you are logged in with exactly the same email and password that you have used on your 60. Again, the matching email should appear at the top right.

Click the third icon down in the selection on the left for "My Places".
Click on the 2nd tab over for "POI FILES"
If any files appear there, click on them and then hit the trash can over to the far right of the POI file entry (not normally needed, but just in case ...)
Click on "IMPORT POI FILE" and select your *.ov2 file.
START WATCHING THE FACE OF YOUR 60. It should indicate that a new place is being added.
Click OK on MyDrive Web when it asks about syncing.

Now your 60S should have a new POI file under My Places.

FWIW, I just followed those steps myself to make sure nothing had been forgotten, and I got the green bar at the top of my 600 indicating that the new item had been added.
I really appreciate you taking the time to help. Your process did work. Actually this is what I have been doing all along. What I missed was the blue bar popping up at the top indicating "New place list added." It happened so fast I didn't see it. So I was not realizing that my upload had happened. So thank you to you and Arno earlier for helping. I do think there is a gap in the instructions on this subject. I think should mention looking for the "New place list added" notification.

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