Adding POI OV2 file to TomTom v1.10 iPad app not working

Apr 15, 2012
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I've installed the TomTom v1.10 Western Europe app for iPad on my New iPad (i.e. iPad 3) running iOS 5.1. I'm trying to add new POI types, and I've downloaded the .OV2 and .BMP files from various GPS sites. As per instructions I've read on the forums I renamed the .BMPs to .PNGs. The forum guidances have been to copy the POI files into the app map folders (i.e. the folders that contain the cline.dat file. I've tried two methods to do this and both have failed...
(1) use DiskAid to copy the files directly into the iPad TomTom map folder. No luck... after copying them across, when I start TomTom and look for the POI type... None of the new ones I copied are listed.
(2) copy the POI files into the map folder of the TomTom app payload on my PC accessed via iTunes by maiking the .ipa file into a zip then opening with file explorer and copying the POI files in. Then delete the TomTom app off the iPad and reinstall it from the PC by pressing the iTunes "sync" button. No luck... The iPad indicates that the installation failed. It was only after I deleted out the POI files out of the .ipa that the installation was successful.

NB in both the above two methods I tried several times with differing POI files, and various different goes following reboots of iPad and PC.

Soooo... I'm now a bit stuck... and would appreciate any advice. Many thanks.
Hello Jenningsville,

The method should work but I think your error is that your placing the file in the wrong folder location. There are two map folders in the iPad/IPhone directory make sure you are selecting the correct folder to copy the .ov2 file and the .bmp icon.

The folder should include your safety cam files and map meta files. This is how you know your in the correct folder location. See below.


Once done correctly, it will appear on your App just like my screenshot.

SORTED... I was doing everything right except there was a mistake in the instructions I was following... the .bmp files should be left as .bmp files. I.e. not renamed to .png.

A bit of trial and error got me there in the end. It was Pedro2NR who put me on the right track... I spotted in his DiskAid image above that his POI graphic file had the .bmp extension instead of the .png extension that the instructions all indicate. At first I thought he must have made a mistake so ignored it... But then I thought what the h**k... so I renamed all my .png's back to .bmp's, copied them over... and hey presto... job's a goodun! Many thanks.

Now ideally what TomTom should do is to make the app so that you can drop the POI files into the App data part of iTunes then life would be so much better.
Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Tomtom should add a feature through iTunes. There are many other apps out there that allow you to add files to it through iTunes.
Were the instructions you read that mentioned .png format on THIS forum?

If they were, can you point us to them so they can be corrected, please?

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