Adding POIs to Blue&Me Tomtom 2 LIVE

Oct 21, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Blue&Me TomTom 2 LIVE

I am trying to add POIs to my device using the MyDrive Connect icon in my system tray on Windows 7.

I have somewhere in the region of 300mb free space yet each time I browse to the POIs I want to add to the device and select them I am informed I do not have enough space even though the POI file is 30kb in size.

I don't know if the issues are related but MyDrive informs me that updates are available for my device when I connect it and I download and install them. As soon as I disconnect and reconnect the device the same updates appear.

Can anyone point out where I may be going wrong?

The device should only be withholding about 100MB of space (it does that so that it can do a checksum on new code in memory before it actually installs it), not 300MB, so I'm not sure why it's denying you a 30KB file install. As for the updates, we've occasionally seen a Mapshare update that keep reappearing, even after you try to install it.

How much POI and other 'community' content do you already have on the device now, according to MyDrive?

You can review all 'personal' content using this link, just to be sure MyDrive is reporting all of it:
When you connect with MyDrive, and are in Overview can you see what Upgrade is offered, like Map Shares of GPS-fix?
There should be check mark boxes in the upper left hand corner of the offered items.
Uncheck all and then open MyDrive Connect again and click the Add Community Content bar to open that page.
See if you could add a smaller .ov2 there for a test.
Ok guys, my device is up-to-date, as such there are no check boxes to un-check.

I used the link above to check personal content and it is contains only that which came with the device, see below.

CNG.bmp 26-Jul-2012 08:45 1.5k
CNG.inf 26-Jul-2012 08:45 291
CNG.ov2 26-Jul-2012 08:45 53.7k
CNG.rpf 26-Jul-2012 08:45 32.8k
CNG_X2.png 26-Jul-2012 08:45 1.1k
Chrysler.bmp 01-Jan-1970 00:00 0
Chrysler.inf 01-Jan-1970 00:00 0
Chrysler.ov2 01-Jan-1970 00:00 0
Chrysler.rpf 01-Jan-1970 00:00 0
Chrysler_X2.png 01-Jan-1970 00:00 0
Favorites.ov2 18-Dec-2013 13:38 606

When I click on the add community content a page opens up with a entry box, browse button and install button. When I browse for the .ov2 file which is 29kb and try to install it I get a pop-up window telling me the file cannot fit and I should try removing other things to create space. My Content page on My Drive tells me I have 26mb free so this should fit.

Odd that all of those Chrysler entries all show 0 bytes each. Wonder what those are about?
Another very curious thing are those *.rpf files. I have never seen those before on a Nav3 device.
Last .. does your Fiat run on CNG?

That said, there's nothing there that would seem to be clogging things up, though your updates from TomTom have now taken you from 300MB down to 26MB which is even worse than when you started. In fact, I am surprised it reports 26MB as this is below the normal allowed threshold of 100MB. Honestly, I'm stumped. Wish I had more experience with these particular units.
That isn't the full list of files but it does show all the files which have a memory amount greater than zero.

Most of these files are car images so you can select which car appears on the display. There are several more as you can select any car from the FIAT group.

I drive an Alfa Romeo which is diesel powered so not running on CNG (if I am honest I had to 'Google' CNG as I had no idea what it was!)
@canderson... Do you think this would be one where TT customer services could remote in and check the space problem?
Might well be worth it, Andy, though I doubt the OP will reach anyone on the first attempt who has a clue as to how to schedule a job for a particular unit. If he calls, he'll want to persist until reaching 2nd level support.

What we're discussing here is the way that TomTom now deals with their units in the field. Since the file system on this generation isn't transparent to you, it's necessary for them to make observations from their end by scheduling a server job to pull data from your unit the next time you plug it in. It's certainly worth a shot.

020 7387 5444

Be sure you have your unit's serial number in hand when you make the call. Ooo.. which brings me to another question. What ARE the first two digits of your serial number, and you running a full European map, or just the UK/ROI map? I ask because ONE of the B&M2 models (those starting with serial "TI") had only 2GB of memory. The others (mostly serial "TG") had 4GB. And now, for my stupid question of the day... does your unit have a microSD card slot available? If nothing else pans out, that could be an option for dealing with space issues.
I drive an Alfa Romeo which is diesel powered
Almost sounds like an oxymoron.

not running on CNG (if I am honest I had to 'Google' CNG)
30 years ago, most of the fleets of Airline limousines in the Greater Toronto Area converted to CNG. Once the '79 oil crisis blew by it wasn't the flavour of the day any longer and the 6 stations eventually closed down.
Today they kick themselves as we are paying less for natural gas today than we did 8 years ago.

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