Adding multiple POIs to Via 110

Jul 22, 2011
Hi all,

I'm pretty new to this forum.

I just bought a new Via 110 Italy (always had an old V3) and I'm now facing the issue of loading around 80 personal POI on this new hardware. I understood there is a link, accessible via MyTomTom application, that suits this need but..... I simply wouldn't want to click 80+80 times (.ov2 + .bmp) to load my files.

Looking around on the web I understood POI are here , so just wondering if there is a quicker way to upload everything in click....

Many thanks
My understanding is that if you are using IE, then you can highlight just one ov2 at a time but other browsers (Firefox or Chrome??) allow for multiple highlighting/selecting.
Not really.... I tried with

- Firefox 5.0.1
- google chrome (latest release, just downloaded)
- IE 7.0.5730.13

all with the same results: it's impossible , by pressing Ctrl key, to select multiple files....
It SHOULD work....

I do it all the time with Firefox 3.. But you do need the latest version of My TomTom (currently AFAIK)

Unfortunately both of my machines that use MyTomTom are back with TT in Amsterdam at the moment, so I cannot confirm how exactly I usually select the multiple files.

I seem to remember 'click and drag' in the file selection box works.
In your case, maybe it is only "shift click" to select sequential files that works and not "ctrl click" for some reason.
Keep trying all the normal methods!
Definitely it SHOULD work... but it doesn't .... at least on the 3 PCs I tried, and with the 3 browsers I used....

I arrive here, and then all combinations doesn't work:


I used Ctrl key (both left and right), shift, click&drag, Ctrl+5, right click then select all (no that menu...), ....

nothing at all :rant:
I am able to select several using the CTRL key. They are shown in the MyTomTom selection box as multiple files, comma separated. All load at once. Using Firefox 5 here.
What version of MyTT?

Other than that, I'm running out of ideas....
What version of MyTT?

Other than that, I'm running out of ideas....
Can't ... ahem ... say at the moment, and it's the only version I have.
I meant what version does scarmi1 have.... :p

the multiple selection capability was only brought in pretty recently on the public releases of MTT

For the same reasons as you, I have two versions of MTT, but have nothing to run on them at the moment!
Could it be possibly that they have only remembered to implement it on the English language versions of MyTomTom? It's the sort of daft thing TT does.
(like not implementing user-POIs on MyTomTom in America at all!)

It might be worth trying to see if you can download the UK version from here It might not work but could be worth a try just as an experiment.

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