Adding POIs to XXL550T ...

Jul 25, 2007
OK, I am not new to TomTom GPS's but I am new with the XXL550T unit. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add a POI.

I have searched on TomTom's web site and there is nothing online for this model. The booklet that came with it is useless.

1. How do I add POI, POI Catagories.
2. How can I adjust the display brightness

Thanks in advance
The 550 series of TomToms come with an 'EasyMenu' which means many functions of the full menu models are missing, including the the adding of custom poi's and the brightness preference settings.
That's what I'm trying to say.......

You CAN'T add poi categories, edit pois or even show pois in driving view on that model!!

If you can, return the 550 and exchange for a 540 model. Has full menu structure & flexibility that goes with it.
Take it back for a refund, these units with dumbed down menu options are a waste of time, it might cost slightly more to get a better spec device with the full menu options we are all used to being made available, or search around for an earlier device at discounted prices that still has the full options available - Once a device is released with full POI menu it won't be removed, new devices with the dumb menu have been released and unless users return them as unfit for the intended purpose this change might stick - Mike
Mike, you just travelled how many thousands of miles in cyberspace just to make your point!! :D:D
I am not making a personal fight against TT on the issue of dumbed down menu's, if they feel like commiting to a certain path of device releases that no longer offer the user what has become the accepted "norm" in terms of functionality from the units they produce then best of luck to them - Mike
They seem to have gone that route with the North America 550 series and the series '2' in Europe.
If they were to place a full feature list (or "non"-list) on the outside of the box, or even on their web page, I might be able to forgive this recent silliness having to do with dumbed down menus. Problem is, you really don't have a clue about these things before you buy unless you research the heck out of it in places like this and elsewhere.

A user who is familiar with consumer GPS devices is going to go into the purchase with some basic expectations that are likely to be dashed with these new user interface changes. Previous TomTom users will be the most surprised and unhappy.

A lot of people are going to return them. I hope the cost of the returns comes out of the paychecks of those crack marketing people in Amsterdam who thought the new menu structure would be a good product differentiator. Do those people actually USE these things?
That's what I'm trying to say.......

You CAN'T add poi categories, edit pois or even show pois in driving view on (the 550).

Just a note... this is not and entirely correct statement.

I just added several POI categories to mine using the info provided here:

The fact is you CAN add POI's to the 550-T XXL, that's what I have and I just did it.

But I agree with you overall that it's a lousy GPS, the dumbed-down menus and options STINK.
I believe what dhn was saying was that it wasn't possible to do this from the face of the unit (it's the device user interface that is found lacking). It's always been possible to manage custom POI information via a PC by manually fiddling and adding *.ov2 files to the map folder, or by using Home to do it via a PC.

I wonder if the recent 9.4xx level code improved this POI business? Don't have one to check. I did hear that the dreaded EasyMenu units did get back the ability to navigate to coordinates.
molex, that quote of mine you posted is almost two years old! Things may change with application updates.

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