XL 340TM - Cannot add custom POI

Dec 23, 2010

I have a TomTom XL 340TM. I don't seem to be able to add a custom POI from Google Map.

For example, I do a search for Hertz locations. There is one location missing that I can see in Google Map. So from my PC I see that I can send that missing Hertz location to my TomTom unit.

So after this, when I go back to navigate to 'Recent Destinations', I cannot find that Hertz location. It is not there at all.

If I go to Manage POIs--> Add POI, I don't see 'Hertz' available (not do I see any other POI categories at all!). If I do a 'Find', and type in Hertz, it says POI Category: not found.

So how do I add this missing Hertz location to my TomTom unit so I can use it next time?

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You need to create a new category called Hertz and then add the point of the specific Hertz to the category.
One question I have:

I am not able to find the Hertz location I sent from Google Map/PC to my TomTom afterward. So how do I add this as a new Custom POI? I expect that new Hertz location would be in the 'Recent Destinations' list since it has already received the info from Google Map? Or is this a bug?

When you send the location to your Tomtom it should open up Tomtom Home and ask you to connect the tomtom. It should then ask you how to add the location to your device.

To bypass the process and add to the Tomtom directly, add the poi as a missinjg poi in mapshare.

Perhaps if you can provide a little more fine detail(s) how this can be achieved.

From Google Map, once I selected send--> GPS-->TomTom, and selected the correct TomTom Home GUI, TomTom Home opened up on my PC (my TomTom device was already connected), and I saw 3 options:

- show on map
- Navigate to it
- Add to favorites

I did not see an option to add as missing POI.

K, I now understand the terminologies and the actual steps:

1. Add a new user-defined POI category 'Hertz' from Main Menu --> Change Preferences--> Manage POI--> Create New POI Category if you don't have one yet.

(Important: a user-defined POI category must already be created/available when you want to add the new POI later in step 3/4).

2. Send from Google Map the Hertz location you want to add as a new POI.

From TomTom Home,
- select 'Show on map' from the three options above.

This adds the new Hertz location as a 'point' on the map (see below).

3. Now, go back to Main Menu-->Manage POI-->Add POI.

Select the user-defined POI category you want to add to. Then select 'Point on Map'.

This selects the just added Hertz location (the added 'point' on map). Name the Hertz location for the POI name, and add the phone number for this new POI.


4. Go to Main Menu-->Map Corrections.

Select Correct a Map Error-->Add missing POI.
Select the POI category ('Car Rental Facility' in this case), and add the point in map as the missing POI.

Share the missing POI if desired.

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