XL 340TM Map Update --> reboot on Navigate to 'POI in City'

Dec 24, 2010
The title says it all. I'm not sure if this is the same reboot problem many have seen after picking up a map update.

This is what happens now after I updated US_Canada_Mexico map to v865.3254 yesterday.

Everything else works fine after the map update -- only when I select to Navigate to 'POI in city' then that button stays 'pressed', and after 10 secs the TomTom device reboots.

- If I reset to factory defaults, the XL340TM works again--but I lose all Favorites and settings.

- If I then copy the old favorites Mapsettings.cfg file back to the TomTom device following the various instructions here,


the reboot problem on Navigate to 'POI city' still *re-occurs*.

So, either I lose all my favorites, or get stuck in reboot on Navigate to 'POI in city'.

I sure don't want to re-enter all my old favorites again.

Any suggestions?

- There is still 256MB memory left on the XL340TM after the map update.
- Reboot occurs *only* when I select Navigate to 'POI in city'. All other functionalities seem to work properly.
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I found the fix (got the clue from one of the tips in https://www.tomtomforums.com/genera...-freezes-reboots-after-latest-map-update.html ):

While in TomTom Home,

- Modify a Favorite (not sure if this is needed) name,

- From within TomTom Home, Go to 'Operate My Device', and from TomTom Home go to Navigate to 'POI by city'. That works.

Now disconnects the TomTom device from TomTom Home. Navigate to 'POI by city' works again on the device.
I am also seeing problems after the map update where the turn-by-turn voice prompt is not working (completely silent).

I just kept using it--and after I turned it off and back on again later, the turn-by-turn voice prompt started working again.

Also, the status bar won't always show the max speed even though it's enabled in the Preferences (it was working before the update). It works ok on highway now, but on local roads it doesn't seem to be showing max speed in the status bar.

I'm not sure if this is a change from the new map version or the new App version (I did download the new App v9.061).


Local roads often do not have max speed imbedded in the map data. Are you sure you saw it in a previous map or did you add a max speed for a local road using mapshare, by any chance?

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