How to add custom voices, POIs to iPhone without Jailbreaking - Discussion

Hi all, first post here, thanks for the forum...

I am wondering if it's possible to install a POI file that is made for Tomtom devices into the iPhone app using the instructions at the start of the thread?

Am using W7, just wanting to know if it's possible before I buy the file... If it helps, the file is located here. Camps Australia Wide

Thanks a lot, Will


Will, they will send you two files:

the ov2 file contains the locational data
the bmp file is the icon to accompany the ov2

You will need to rename the file extension from bmp to png using Windows Explorer, when Windows tells you doing such a thing isn't a god idea simply igore it!

The use DiskAid to copy both the png and ov2 files to your Australia map folder, I can show you some screen shots of where to put the files later as I think I have the iPhone Aussy app stored on my PC at home.

To answer your question will it work, yes it will if you do the above - Mike
Thanks for the info Mike, when I buy the POI's will follow your instructions.

I'm using TomTom Brazil 1.6 with my iPhone 4.

Following you guys, I've managed to "install" the Custom POIs - red light, speed detectors and etc. :D
I also made the icons appear in the map and while driving. :D

The only thing I still can't do, is to make the Warning Sounds and Flashing Icons to work... :(

I've tried copying "mapsettings.cfg" from my TomTom XL with Map Brazil 860, but it didn't work.

I've copied Mapsettings.cfg into my iPhone Map folder, the same one where I copied the POIs Icons/ov2 files... is that right?

I've also copied the warning sounds the folder SOUNDS in the iPhone TomTom app folder... is it right?

Can anyone here give me some help on this?

Thanks in advance.
Have a read through This for some ideas, it will show you where to put the ogg sound files (same place as the ov2 and png), it also shows where to put the mapsettings.cfg file which is different, and probably the reason why your changes haven't worked as yet.

A few points to watch out for:

1/ Make sure the TomTom app is NOT running in the background when you load the revised mapsettings.cfg file otherwise it won't work. This point catches quite a few people out, double click the "Home" button on the iPhone and if the TomTom icon appears at the bottom of the screen press and hold the icon until it shakes on screen, press the red circle next to the TomTom icon to shut the app down.

2/ Make sure the mapsettings.cfg file is all lowercase, when removed from the PND it will be MapSettings.cfg so needs to be renamed.

3/ iPhone4 with retina display the icons are best sized at 44x44 but please be aware the icon that flashes top left for the warnings is still too small and misaligned, this is "normal"

4/ If you wan't your POI icons the same size as the built in POI icons then use an icon size of 32x32

If you are still having "fun" with this post back with more specific questions and we will be able to get this working for you, its certainly not rocket science! - Mike

You solved the puzzle.

1. I had to put the "ogg" files in the same folder of the POIs database and icons.

2. MapSettings.cfg file, was with Capital Letters...

3. I've copied MapSettings.cfg to folder
The right thing to do is:
(Didn't read the Tutorial correctly in the first time).

Now everything is working like a charm. Now I will try to improve the quality of the icons.

Thanks for all the support.


I have attached a set of 44x44 that I am currently using, Note you will need to edit the file names to match the ov2 file - Mike


  • 44x44 test
    32 KB · Views: 350
Hi again Mike,

Thanks for your icons, but I'm not gonna use them, because my SpeedCameras database is not detailed by Speed as your icons.

My database is only 5 "generic":

- Mobile Cameras (all speeds together)
- Fixed Cameras (all speeds together)
- RedLight Cameras
- Road Patrol Positions
- Monitor Camera (no speed - only to "see"/control the traffic)

I already have these in 2 different sizes (that I use with my TomTom XL and GO750).

44x44 (files_X2.bmp) and 22x22 (files.bmp).

I also use them now with the iPhone app... do you suggest a better size to use with the iPhone?
For the _X2 icons make them 44x44 even though they won't display 100% correctly on the iPhone4.

For the normal icons that display on the map you can try any of the following:

22x22 look way too small
32x32 apear the same size as built in POI
44x44 produces the best result IMHO

"Name.png" is the icon that the software uses for the icon on the map.

"Name_X2.png" is the icon that the software will use for the warning that appears top left if the mapsettings.cfg file is configured for warnings.

This lets you have two different icons visible at the same time if you want this feature, with the iPhone4 you are better using 44x44 icons for both, perhaps when V1,7 comes along the correct screen resolution for the warnings will be resolved but don't hold your breath on that one as we are using an unofficial capability that the TomTom app currently ships with (they might even switch it off, who knows) - Mike


Hi Mike,

I've added Name_X2.png, and the flashing warnings are working on the upper left side.

Now, let's wait for v1.7 to see what will come.

Thanks for now. :D

No POIs Listed

I followed the instructions to the letter. Then tried several simple adjustments for, just in case.

I haven't gotten any errors, and the application works fine, except when I look on my list of POI Types its simply not listed.

My device might be an issue. I have iPhone 4, iOS 4.2 JB (which means I have a tethered restart)

Any suggestions???
I agree I have just bought the iphone app thinking it had the same capabilities as the TOMTOM as i use tomtom poi's for work. TOMTOM must as a standard feature give us the option of adding POI's
Andy, Have a look at a This as it it contains all the information you need for putting third party custom POI files on to the iPhone app including warnings etc.

Once the files are in the correct place on the iPhone you can use them to Navigate to as well as any of the other POI related options you get with a TomTom PND - Mike
It looks like update to v 1.7 broke the custom POIs again. They appear as red squares, I tried converting BMP to PNG, different sizes, nothing helps. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?


Give chance to get the V1,7 released app installed on to my iPhone4 then I will have a play around and see if its something that can be resolved, the big "push" with this new release has been TomTom Speed Camera warnings related so it wouldn't surprise me if they have gone out of their way to disable part of what we have been using as it really was a "back door" in to their app - Have a look later tonight in this thread, if I work out whats wrong, rest assured it will be posted here - Mike
I had the same problem. Turns out you can no longer just rename .bmp to .png you need to open them in a paint program and save them as .png files. Windows paint works fine.:)


Indeed with V1,7 and V1,8 the icons need to be saved in the true png graphics file format, if you are using a preconfigured mapsettings.cfg file to trigger warnings as you approach a POI the app will still play the ogg audio file but it no longer flashes an icon top left - Mike

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