910 voice guidance intermittant

Apr 19, 2010
I have a 3yo 910 with App 7.903 - most of the time the voice guidance does not work whether it is on the car mount or not. The safety cameras work though. Can anyone help me?
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Do you mean the voice cuts in and out or you just don't hear the voice at all? And is it with recorded voices or computer voices or both?
Thanks for your response. I always use computer voices and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work at all. Sometimes if I switch off the unit and on again it might work but this is very rare. BTW I live in Australia and it is an Australian model
Have you tried different computer voices? Also, have you tried a pin reset on the unit when it happens.

When you use the recorded voices, do you have the same issues?
If you have a set of ear-phones from an mp3 player/ iPOD try the following:

Turn the volume down to below 30% and dock the device in to the car dock, plug the head phones in to the audio line-out socket then go to Change Preferences/ Speaker Preferences and select Line Out, can you now hear anything through the headset, if you can its quite possible that the speaker in the 910 is shot or possibly the amplifier - Mike

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