PlanTomTom: GPX import does not show waypoints

Apr 28, 2024
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I don't know which keywords to use to search for a solution so I hope someone can help?

I use the amazing web app to make my routes and then export them to a GPX file

QUESTION: when I import the GPX file into PlanTomTom, the waypoint are not visible. (Google maps does recognise them, so they are imbedded correctly)
EXAMPLE: in the enclosed examples I added 3 waypoints (coffee breaks in the journey)

What could be done about this??

THE EXAMPLES must be renamed, remove the .txt extension!!!

click for lager images:
PLANTOMTOM result after import: no waypoints
plotaroute waypoints -plantomtomJPG.JPG

GOOGLE MAPS after import: waypoint correctly imported
plotaroute waypoints -googlemaps.JPG

PLOTAROUTE.COM: addes 3 waypoints and then exported the GPX file
plotaroute waypoints.JPG

PLANAROUTE.COM export options. I TRIED the 2 export options: WAYPOINT and POI
plotaroute waypoints -plantomtom_export.JPG


  • test_route_poi.gpx.txt
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  • test_route_dir.gpx.txt
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test_route_poi.gpx and test_route_dir.gpx both contain *.gpx waypoints, and TomTom's online planner, phone apps and devices are clueless about *.gpx waypoints. All that TomTom is interpreting are the *.gpx trackpoints.

See comment here in another thread:

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