TT Start 20 with TT TMC antenna 4V00.014 does not charge

May 10, 2024
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TomTom Model(s)
Start 20
I have a Start 20 and a charging cable with a TMC antenna, type 4V00.014.
The charging cable had a mini-USB plug and worked very well with a TT One.
I swapped the mini-USB plug for a micro-USB plug, as the Start 20 has a micro-USB socket.
Everything is connected correctly, the TMC antenna also works properly, but the battery is not being charged.
If I release pin 4 (next to the ground pin 5) in the mini-USB connector of the charging cable and it is no longer connected to ground, my battery is charged, but the TMC receiver is switched off and disappears from the display.
Can someone help me with this?
Any changes to make is no problem.
Problem solved!
Pin4 (ID Pin) of the micro-USB connector was originally connected to ground in the mini-USB connector, as was Pin5.
I have now connected Pin4 to ground via a 150kOhm resistor and now both, the TMC receiver and the charging are switched on.
Sorry I missed your post yesterday.

Yes, pin 4 is somewhat 'special' in a micro-B connector. It's normally left completely unconnected, but is sometimes used to identify a particular configuration of device - as it is in this case. Sometimes it's called "ID", and sometimes "Sense". As long as 150K is sufficient, you're good to go. I would have expected, if memory serves, 4.7K there, but it's been eons since I've had to deal with a TMC cable.

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