RDS-TMC and Start 50

Aug 7, 2016
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Start 50
I have just bought a Start 50, which I am pleased with. I decided to purchase a RDS-TMC which I purchased from TomTom directly. When I connect it up and switch on, a blue bar appears with the wording that the RDS-TMC is connected, but nothing appears on the map screens. On my old TomTom One, there was a circle which turned green when receiving data. At first I thought the unit wasn't working and contacted TomTom, they were helpful, but never seemed to answer any questions that I asked. I then tried again and noticed that on the map view there were several colored lines on various roads (with various traffic symbols), which i take to mean traffic info, so I now know it is working, but there is nothing to indicate that is is receiving data.
Another thing is that today I went out for a drive and set the Stanav up for a return journey and no traffic info appears, so I took it to mean there were no problems on my route home, however I hit a traffic build up with about a 15 min delay. I assume that this wasn't on my SatNav because it hadn't been reported back to wherever?. Once I got home I started up MyDrive and looked at the map and there was a red line showing up on where the hold-up was. Does TomTOm get the traffic data from different source for the SatNav and the MyDrive
The rds information is not as current or accurate as Live traffic. The information via the antenna is only for main roads and highways.
As dhn says, the frequency with which RMS data is updated is much slower. I believe that it also comes from a different source than the Live Traffic data, but I am not absolutely certain of that.

- Tom -

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