How to import GPX routes, not tracks??

Aug 14, 2023
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Hi all, new here, so please be gentle.
A group of us going on tour to Europe, most have Garmin XT’s and some TomTom 550’s.
The leader has created daily routes and converted them to GPX files, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to get them on the TomTom. I can send stops, but doesn’t show the name of the track, any ideas?
A ,gpx file will always display as a Track. If you use a .itn file it will be a route but may not follow the same roads as your XT friends.
This was new to me and have tried this and have a couple of queries.
my .itn files are appearing as tracks on my Rider 550. Am i doing something wrong. the GPX files also appear as tracks.
having imported a load of files the Import screen in the Rider550 is now a long list of files ready for Import. I can't see any way of deleting files in this list. Is there a way. I have fully imported all these files into My Routes.
If you send the route from mydrive route planner via "send stops" it will be an .itn file

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