Import "My Routes" from MyDrive to TomTom Go Android App

Apr 19, 2023
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I have arranged a driving tour for 4-5 cars and created the detailed routes in "My Drive" with all the way point setc. I have ensured that most cars have access to a Tom Tom Device and sharing the routes has not been a problem. I personally only run Tom Tom Go - Andriod App on my phone and can find no way of importing these routes from My Drive. I am probably missing something really straightforward here, can someone help please ?
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Many thanks for your reply - I think I have found the issue in terms of my misunderstanding of the "Toggle" - SHARE THIS ROUTE AS A TRACK WITH MY DEVICES. This seems to default to being "ON" which I had assumed was required. II can only get the route to transfer to the APP if I turn it "OFF" and back "ON" again, then it seems to go across to the APP. Appreciate your help
You can send a route with waypoints ("Stops") from My Drive.
In My Drive click on "Edit Route".
Add one waypoint in My Drive and the "Send Stops" button becomes active.
A route with all the waypoints appears on TT GO Navigation. Accept this route and then tap on the route line in driving view. In the pop-up which appears select "Manage Routes", and then "Save Route". If subsequently the route is cancelled in TT GO, it appears as "Not on current map" in My Routes. Exit TT GO and restart. Route is then selectable in My Routes!

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