How do I import a GPX file into TomTom with just Waypoints ? No routes.

Mar 13, 2021
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I recently moved from Garmin to TomTom and use the Rider for US rallies. The rally organizer would send a GPX file with 100+ waypoints. One would just load the GPX file into a Garmin unit and look at the locations then try to figure out a route. The TomTom uploads the GPX file but only routes and tracks. I looked into converting the GPX file to a POI fine for OV2 TomTom format. The file is basically empty ? I used gpsbabel on The rally file is below. New to TomTom need some help on this ..... I currently run the Garmin & TomTom ... Someone point me in a direction.

Rally Waypoint data file located on the TeamStrange Web site. Great way to spend a summer of riding around the country.
Waypoint data file found her for the Rally

Welcome to TomTomForums Cyril.

Unless another participant can jump in here you may have to wait until canderson will be back in 10 days.

In the meantime either of these may be of help

I opened up a sample (BLX-leg2.gpx) and note that these files are created in 'waypoint' format. Unfortunately, you have discovered that TomTom doesn't deal in waypoint style *.gpx files for import from their web site. I would much prefer that they did as well, but such is life.
IIRC, the Riders still handle the TomTom *.itn (itinerary) files, yes? Conversion from a *.gpx waypoint file to the *.itn would probably be your best solution.
GPSBabel is capable of creating TomTom *.itn files if you us the actual app. I'm not sure about the GPSVisualizer implementation. It will also generate *.ov2 files, but I think because you own a Rider with *.itn capability, you will prefer it.

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