mydrive app not showing *.ov2 poi's imported to mydrive web

Oct 14, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
go720 go520
somehow the *.ov2 poi's that I have uploaded to will not show up in the mydrive app.
am I doing something wrong?

additionally, my new go520 insisted that I download an update which was called something like "truck stops Europe". those poi's clutter my places list and I cant see how to delete them out. any ideas on how to do that?
Did the *.ov2 show up on your 520?

Are you logged in in all 3 places (web, 520 and your phone) with the same account/password?
somehow the *.ov2 poi's that I have uploaded to will not show up in the mydrive app.
If they do, they will be at the very bottom of you My Places list on your device.

After uploading, can you see them in mydrive web at MYPLACES POI FILES.
Screen Shot 10-15-19 at 07.43 PM.JPG
It's the phone app that seems to be causing him trouble, though it will be interesting to see if he replies affirmatively about the 520 appearance. That got left out of the original post.
Thanks guys my two *.ov2 files ended up appearing on my go520 but they still dont show up in the mydrive app though.

as far as trying to remove the several poi categories for truckstops in europe goes (no joke seriously wth i live in australia and i dont drive a truck), i called tomtom support about that and after spending ten minutes assuring the indian dude who didnt want to listen to me that i didnt put those poi categories there, he logged a support request in relation to that. no solution there yet.

whoever it is steering tomtom's software development needs a kick in the pants because so much stuff doesnt make sense.
It's all certainly different than the days of your GO720. In fact, you missed a whole generation in between that and this one.

As to your truck stops ...
This is a bit of conjecture, but ... I believe that TomTom can create a task on their server to pull/push any of that content from/to your device. I'd take one more crack at tech support and ask them specifically about that method for dealing with it. It's a package that is completely inappropriate for an Australian user, and it hasn't been pushed to us here in North America to anyone that I know.
thanks for that information. ive thrown that idea at the guy dealing with it and waiting to hear what he comes back with. so far its been stupid stuff like "have you tried editing the my places list and deleting the poi's", and "try this reset procedure on this page here..."
we did all that on the phone then he asks me to do it all again over email. it's been three days so far...
That was dumb. You can't delete an *.ov2 (POI) from the unit. Only individual 'my places' (favorites).
Wonder why he said that???
ive not enjoyed my dealings with this technical support guy. he very clearly started with the attitude that I must be an idiot and he is unbelievably bad at listening. after wasting my time on the phone he sent me an email asking to see photos of the truck poi's on my device which i did so he knows exactly what we're dealing with and youre exactly right, you can only delete places that you've added using the device. even my own poi's that I added through my drive web cant be deleted.
im inclined to call again and start another support request with somebody else but my luck will be that the same geezer will answer the phone.

edit: come to think of it how do I delete any poi's at all? even the ones I put there, how do I remove them from the device?
Should stay sync'd with whatever you have on the MyDrive web list. You can delete them there, too - not just upload new ones.

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