MyDrive Connect has never worked for me...

Aug 21, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 5200 WiFi
I have tried to get MyDrive Connect to work with My GO 5200 WiFi but after the login I see a screen telling me to add my device, I follow the instructions but all I get is a popup that tells me my device updates via wifi. I already knew that but I thought MyDrive Connect could also be used for route planning etc. Is that not the case?

I am on Windows 10 and I have followed all the advice: uninstalling/reinstalling, updating driver, soft reset etc, etc but nothing happens.

Am I wrong in thinking this software can be used for route planning and uploading to my device?
You are being confused by the fact that TomTom re-uses the "MyDrive" name for 3 different things. We warned them about that, but it fell on deaf ears.

No, to update your 5200, you don't need the app running on your PC, although if it is running, the update will occur through USB if available, with MyDrive (the PC app) acting as a USB to TCP bridge.

To do route planning and the like, you need to go to TomTom's web site for that (also brilliantly named "MyDrive"). Take a look at
Thank you so much. I was indeed confusing the issues. I see the planner now. Thank you.

I do have a problem with the MyDrive Connect. In my confusion with Connect I inadvertently deleted my GO 6200 WiFi from the my devices screen. I have tried adding it again but after following the instructions I get only a screen showing 'Update the easy way'. Nowhere I can add my device. Can I add my device manually on the website?
Except for updating your 5200 / 6200 (only differ by screen size) via the WiFi of your PC via the USB cable, the software MDC plays no role with your device and will not display it.
What you see is all there is, the device is not being recognised.. There is no need to open MDC if you do not
connect via USB.

The MyDrive Route Planner (web) will allow you to install personal POIs to your device via the cloud. It does not accept personal icons but there are 5 special icons that can be select at Menu > Settings > Appearance > Show POI lists on map.

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