MyDriveConnect and Go620

Sep 26, 2018
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TomTom Model(s)
what a useless piece of software
trying to connect my go620 to mydrive connect on a windows 7 machine, firstly a bit of history

update of maps failed last week over wifi and left me with no maps, so I chose the smallest UK map and downloaded to get me going.
I have since tried over wifi to reinstall the whole of Europe or at least western Europe it gets so far with varying percentages and fails with ooops internet connection

I have retrieved the usb cable only from the car and installed mydrive connect, login and get a notification of my current device which I would like to manage click on device and all I get is a banner saying updates by wifi [got it], no other options available

I have removed, rebooted and reinstalled the software, turned off firewalls, anti virus checkers and still no menu bars or options within MDC to allow me to control my device to allow me to add maps over a wired Ethernet connection

not very happy as I have better things to do with 3 hours of my time
You can update the device with the usb cable connected to the computer and MyDriveConnect running BUT minimized.

Also, you should add a 16 gb sd card for map expansions and additional maps. SanDisk is a good choice.
So in reality MDC is only providing an Ethernet bridge and no additional functionality
It’s not providing any backups like TTHome used to provide well not in its current state of disfunctionality
Unlike the old days, there's not much custom content possible on a 620 to back up. The good news is that even the maps can be had directly from TT's server if things go badly enough -- that wasn't possible in the 'old days'.

Recommend you keep any custom POI files maintained and available on your PC as *.ov2 files, and any favorites on your PC as well, calling them _Favorites.ov2. You can always reload them to your device by running using MyDrive Web if need be in the future. The underscore in _Favorites is intentional. It's invisible, but forces the entry to the top of your MyPlaces list, and avoids having that list cluttered with a large combination of favorites and personal POI files.

Yes, MDC only acts as a USB/TCP bridge. You can use the bridge connection to do firmware/map updates if you can't or don't want to use WiFi for that purpose. The bridge also makes the connection for MyDrive Web. Apart from those features, MDC doesn't have much value to users with WiFi update capability. For non WiFi capable units, MDW acts as the primary UI for selection and initiation of updates. Behaves quite differently for those users.

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