MyDrive Connect cannot connect to server

Jul 22, 2019
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I have a TOMTOM START 25 which I am trying to update. I have a Windows 10 PC. I downloaded MyDrive Connect and installed it, but I cannot get passed the screen which says "Our servers are very busy. Click retry a few times until you connect, or try restarting MyDrive Connect".

I have tried this at all times of day, restarting many times. It never goes past this screen. My internrt works for everything else, and my TOMTOM detects the computer when I plug in the USB.

I suspect it might have to do with the fact that when I downloaded MyDrive it only gave me the option of dowloading for windows XP or Vista, not Windows 10. Does this make a difference, shouldn't 10 be able to run programmes that ran on XP? If this is the case, why can't I find a MyDrive Connect for Windows 10?

Any help is appreciated.


MyDriveConnect certainly does work with Windows 10. That is my setup here. I'd try again for the file at
Loads of reports on the official forums of "server busy" and not being able to get in. I can't get into Home or MyDrive Connect. No replies from the official sources on the problem.
Hello Fabio, welcome to TomTomForums.

Unfortunately, you picked the wrong MyDrive Connect.
Yes, it does make a difference.

Try and click on "Download for Windows".

At this time there seem to be problems with the server., as molerat mentioned.

[The 'XP and Vista' vbersion was made after users with those machines could not connect and TomTom was informed by another Moderator in this list.]


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