Mydrive Connect does not connect on the web

Jun 28, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
I have the followed problem for a month now, I can not connect the app to the web on my pc thus I can not update my device and I am stuck with navigation lag.

Any idea how to fix it?
And yes I have the latest version of mydrive connect installed on my PC
Your browser is saying one thing, and your xml is saying another.

I would first recommend deleting any existing browser-stored password and login information for, then go to the site and see if it brings up a login screen.
It appears that the site either does not like your credentials, or a page was cached in the past when that was the case.

The second suggestion is to do a selective delete of any cached data related to the site I'm wondering if you have a cached page there. The alternate is to clear the cache completely.
So strange. The rest of us are able to access that site. works just fine here.
Will be out of the house most of the day today, but will give this some additional thought.
I am using W10 and FireFox.
So am I.
Also just tried it on W10 with a fresh copy of MS Edge, and it worked there, too.
Would almost swear there's something cached on the OP's machine that is causing this.
Have you tried what was suggested in Post #5 yet?
Without being connected via USB, after you click to open MyDrive Connect what happens.

If you now, after having tried to open it and you right click on the "hidden" TomTom icon in the Task bar you should see a screen like this, after you click on Settings an then About.
Screen Shot 07-09-20 at 04.05 PM.JPG

If you cannot make a screen print/upload tell us what it says in German.
[Hope you are not in Gütersloh.]
We are not talking for issue at the site from the browser but for a problem from the app My Drive Connect...
When we try to launch the exe application my drive connect we take this message


  • Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (4).png
    Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (4).png
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Why i download all the time today 4054 version i dont know ??? or 4052
I made a new download as \de_de\ it showed 4052, when clicking Next it offered the upgrade (guess 4054).
Instead of either it jumps to my Beta version.

From seeing your prints I presume TomTom has a Server problem.
If persists, call them.

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