Tomtom Go iOS and MyDrive Routes

Aug 10, 2018
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When will the IOS version of TomTom Go have the same functionality as the Android version regarding the storing and syncing of MyDrive routes ? Will we ever get this !!
Totally agree, I bought the app for an upcoming trip and have planned the routes in mydrive which I was going to load into the app. But no option for this. That is stupid and a waste of money on the app which won't perform such a simple function.
At least you have your 610 to send them to, unless you can't take it with you. Don't know what to tell the OP, though. I use Android, so hadn't realized this.
Yes I can luckily. I have had to buy the uk map which was much more expensive than the app. This is the main reason I was going to use the phone over the 610. Love my 610 though I have now cancelled my app subscription for go on the phone and won’t renew it until TomTom fix this glaring oversight in the app.
Well its been awhile since I posted asking the very reasonable question why the IOS app does not have a Myroute functionality the same as the Android app. Come on TomTom ! Someone give me ANY excuse why there is this difference it would be better than silence. Shame.
Best to post that complaint at forums. We're not tied to TT here, just help those looking for something we can help with.
Apparently all happening with release version 2.61. We wait.
Just to update this thread MyRoute syncing between MyDrive Web App and IOS GO is now available. Works well. Thank you TomTom. However just need to get MyDrive IOS App to do the same. If you try to sync a route in MyDrive IOS App it does not work. So to get routes into Go App you have to either plan them within the app itself or MyDrive on a computer.

Progress but ..... would like to see MyDrive IOS app improve its functionality. Be able to sync routes and the all important to me import of GPX files. The only way to import a GPX file is by MYDrive Web App on a computer. Wish you could just do a direct GPX import into GO App like for instance you can with Beeline, Scenic 3 and Calimoto.

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