Can't access any online tomtom services with FiOS

May 27, 2011
I upgraded to Verizon FiOS a couple weeks ago, and today tried to update my GPS, and it said that TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems could not be reached. I figured the site was temporarily down, and then tried later, and the same. So I tried it on my iPhone (on 3G) and it worked fine. I then tested it remotely, and it worked fine. A brief googleing points to FiOS as the problem, however most of those posts are pretty old.

Right now I cannot access TomTom, portable GPS car navigation systems (or anything on the tomtom domain at all) it just times out. I also cannot use the TomTom Home application, as it dies when trying to connect to tomtom. Surely there must be a solution - I can't imagine that TomTom blocks access from ALL FiOs users!

Can anyone help?!?!

I searched the forums, and it seems this was a common issue in 2007, but now it's plaguing me four years later!

NOTE: this forum auto-updates web addresses, so the above should hypertext should read:

w w w . t o m t o m . c o m

In short - I cannot access any content hosted by tomtom dot com.
It's not a permanent blockage. My Verizon DSL -> Tomtom outage started this morning.
The Verizon outage was fixed around 2pm eastern for me. Anyone else still having problems?

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