Discrepancies between mydrive and GPS

May 12, 2024
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TomTom Model(s)
Rider 550
2 things are weird.
1. Mydrive plans an avoid tolls route quite directly, but my Rider 550 takes a completely different route. Both are set to quick route.
2. I saved the mydrive route as it was quicker than the GPS, but, once synced with the GPS, the ride time shown by the GPS had gone up by an hour.

What is going on?
Which is correct? I don’t want to be late or sit around for an hour.

What is going on?
Which trip time is correct?
The routing engine code used by the online server and the device are different. The embedded historical traffic data on the server is always likely to be more 'current' than the information on the device, which only gets updated when the device's maps are updated. The maps on your 550 are built as what are called 'classic' maps. The maps used by the online planner are built as 'NDS' maps (as are more recent TomTom devices). The NDS maps may contain some additional detail that is impacting routing decisions.

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