Loquendo TTS folder (USA Computer voices) for Tom Tom Go 910

Jan 20, 2012
Weaverville, NC
TomTom Model(s)
Tom Tom Go 910
I'm trying to obtain the Loquendo TTS Folder for my Tom Tom Go 910 so I can get back my USA computer voices with street names, etc. Does anybody have a 910 that would be willing to make a DVD of the folder, or point me in the right direction where I can get that folder?
Thanks, Allan
If you connect to Home and ADD Voices-->Computer voices, are none offered to download?
Thank you for your posts, please explain when you say, "make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents." I have a Mac computer with Lion OS.
Thanks, Allan
Use Finder on a Mac..................just in case something goes wrong. Instead of WinRar, you'll need Stuffit, I think.
After downloading file what's next

I backed up the Tom Tom Disk to my Desktop. I downloaded the .cab file and wasn't able to save it in that format. It wanted to save the file in a web archive file format. How do I get that file saved and into the disk as a .cab file. I did download StuffIt Expander.
Thanks for your time.
Holpefully, a Mac user can explain that step. If it did save as a web archive format, can Stuffit not extract it?
It would only save it as a .cabwebarchive file. When I tried to open it with Stuff It expander-the program says it doesn't recognize that format. Mac people in town weren't helpful with the Window format .cab
Is there any other way I could get computer voices into my Tom Tom Go 910?
I did read online where if another 910 owner made a DVD of those computer voices, the loquendo tts folder, I would be able to install them on my Tom tom disk?
Any other ideas would be appreciated.
Thank again for your time
Have you tried Googling "Saving cab files on Mac" for some help with that step?

Have you tried just renaming the file to have ".cab" as the file extension?

Stuffit for Mac can certainly open .cab files, so the Mac must be able to store them.
When i click on the Susan.cab file in the posts it opens in safari, along file with a lot of code. When I try to save it, I'm unable to save it as a .cab, I'm only able to save it with.cabwebarchive. I'm going nowhere with trying to get that file moved into my voices file in my tom tom disk. I think my only salvation of getting computer voice for the 910 is getting another 910 owner to copy USA/English computer voices.
I get nowhere with tech support from Tom Tom.
Thanks for your post
Danged Macs....
Can you "right click" on it and get a "save as..." option, or do you only have one mouse button?

Do you know of any other way to SAVE rather than OPEN a file you've clicked on?

Don't let Safari open it, there MUST be a way to save it (with ANY name) and then there MUST be a way to rename it with ".cab" at the end.
Also, can you check the exact name of the LoquendoTTS folder, and look at the contents?

I've remembered that Home used to have a nasty habit of renaming all the files and folders to lower case, which would stop them working.
If that's happened we should be able to find a list of the correct naming structure.

The folder should be about 4GB in size (much larger than later models had)
I'm unable to right click the file Susan without the browser opening it. I checked the LoquendoTTS folder in Tom tom disk-the spelling and capitalization is correct. The folder 's size is 187 mb, and has 7 files in it, Bernard.vde, default session, French, library,, license code txt, portequesePt.
What do you think?
Thanks, Allan
Your Loquendo folder is way too small, there's a lot missing.
But I'm only getting my figure of 4GB from my old notes and saved bookmarks to old forum posts. I don't have a 910 myself to compare exact contents.

I'm afraid I can't help with the strangeness of your Mac. Hopefully a Mac-lover can assist. But there *must* be a way to select and rename a file without something trying to open it, somehow. Getting that sorted is the key to hopefully getting your voices reinstalled.

Over to the Mac owners.......
Good morning. I was able to save the .cab susan computer voice file and placed it in my LoquendoTTS folder. It didn't work. I was unable to get Susan's computer voice on my Tom Tom Go 910. I would imagine that the problem lies with what might be missing in my Loquendo folder. I would imagine my only other option would be to ask a fellow Tom Tom Go 910 owner to copy his LoquendoTTS folder on a DVD and send it to me?
Thanks for all your support. Still hoping!
Update regarding computer voice issue.
Fortunately I found my old hard drive that my original back up of Ton Tom disk. In that backup the LoquendoTTS folder had all the files (4.4GB) that I needed to get back computer voices. After installing the folder on my Tom Tom Go 910 I was able to choose one of three computer voices that were available (English).
I'm not sure what event precipitated the computer voices being deleted.
I would like to thank the forum members who helped me during the process.
Have a good day.

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