Loquendo TTS folder (USA Computer voices) for Tom Tom Go 910

computer voices for go910

Hi. I have go910 as a gift and did not know it have computer voices.After i joint forum now i know what I am missing.I do not have back up and previous owner do not have either. My understanding is that I am missing the Loquendo TTS folder for my Tom Tom Go 910 and need that folder so I can get back my USA computer voices with street names, etc. Does anybody have a 910 that would be willing to make a DVD of the folder. From forum posts I understand I can only get that folder only from go910 owners.Help, please.

I spent ALL DAY trying to get the computer voices back (that I accidentally deleted and had no backup for) and those cab files were the ONLY fix I could find! I was ready to have a nervous breakdown and this post saved my butt.

I called customer service and even spoke with a supervisor. While I was waiting on hold for an HOUR to speak with a supervisor, that is when I found this post and fixed the problem. Then the supervisor picked up and he told me that they had to "escalate" the issue and that it would take 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to me. In the meantime, I need this stinkin' thing working so we can go on our trip! RIDICULOUS!!!

I don't even own this tomtom. It's my in-law's. Now I know that when it comes time for me to buy a GPS, I certainly won't be getting a TomTom.

Do you hear that TomTom? GET IT TOGETHER!!!

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