Unable to download safety camera alerts

Jun 25, 2010
Hi Everyone... just purchased a 540TM. After some tribulation, I was able to register the activation code, download the North American maps etc. However, every time I endeavor to download the safety camera alerts app, I get an internal server (HTTP 500) error. Responses from the Tomtom helpdesk have been wildly inconsistent and generally useless, with one common theme... just keep trying. This has been going on for a few days. Would anyone know if the particular server responsible for the safelty camera alerts is really offline currently? Also, is there an alternate site for me to download same? I enjoy the level of configurability of this device, and it's mostly pretty intuitive, but the tech support leaves a lot to be desired.
I appreciate all your responses!
I've attached the error. The latest response from Tomtom support is that the safey camera alerts are not supported in the US, so that is why I am not able to download this feature. Can someone please confirm this? I have spent countless hours with their tech support and am exhausted with dealing with them. I even asked them to email me the files and I would manually copy to the device and they would not do that either. Can someone please help?


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On page 2 of the main menu, when you click on TT Services, Safety Alerts, what do you see? (If you see an icon saying Enable Alerts, press that. If it says Disable Alerts, then they are (supposed to be) enabled currently.

and the CS rep who said the Safety Alerts aren't supported in NA is.........wrong.
Thanks for your reply. When I click on it, I get the following:
TomTom Safety Cameras, warns you about safety cameras on your route.
You can join this service and download safety camera locations to your device using TomTom HOME.
I just get the option to hit OK at that point. Nothing about enabling alerts.
And if you try to join the service using the emulator in Home (Operate My unit), what happens?
Hi dhn... same as before, when I tried it from the unit itself. No change. Do you know if there's any other site I can download it from or would someone be able to zip the files and attach them or email to me? I'm going on a little road trip on Fri nite, which is why I wanted to get this functionality working. Thank you for your responses, BTW.
Also Unable to download safety camera alerts

I just recieved my XXL540TM yesterday. I was able to connect, update the maps and dowload new voices. However, when it came to the Safety Camera download, I got the same server error. Is this a temporary issue others are having or do I need to do something on my end to get the download to work?

Any help would be appreciated. I am preparing for a road trip this weekend, so I would like to have this feature up if all possible.

Thanks in advance.
Call support at 866-486-6866 and ask for assistance. Do NOT accept an excuse (if given) that the alerts are not for US and Canada. My 540 does have them.
Called TomTom - No Luck

Just called TomTom Service Support - After being told it was probably an issue on my end, the rep talked to her supervisor and came back that it was on there end because the Safety Camera feature is not yet supported in North America. They are working out some bugs and legal issues...... Longer story, the rep after telling me it was probably on my end, told me that the safety camera database only cover speed cameras (not red light cameras, though the download write stated it does cover red light). After pushing on that, she then tried to tell me that the database did not include all with an example of not having the Arizona speed cameras included, trying to imply it was not worth having. I pushed more, and that is when she went to her supervisor......

I am confused and a little frustrated with this one. Hopefully this is not a sign of what to expect with TomTom support in the future.
I got the same response as well when I contacted them once again. I was informed once more that this was not supported in NA.... same old story. I asked for a technical escalation and got a manager instead, who reiterated that it was only supported in Europe and consequently only available for download there. I repeated that I needed escalation to a tier two support team, because his explanation was not feasible. That was unfortunately not complied with, since that form of support structure doesn't appear to exist @ Tomtom. Hopefully, I can find an alternate site for download... little bummed about the whole thing. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal, but if this is true, I wish they would set that expectation before purchase, rather than falsely advertising it as a feature here. Pressing the issue any more with them would be tantamount to beating a dead horse at this point for me. If any one of you on this forum can help by posting or emailing the files comprising this it would be appreciated.
I am also interested in alternate source for the data.... Also, I just checked My Home to find that the US/Canada file is no longer listed when I check to the Safety Camera section. I guess our calls triggered the pull.

What application do you people have installed. The full value, in other words, not just 9.053 but the rest.

To find that, tap the sat bars to see the version number, then tap the version number to bring up the next screen with details.

Is the remaining value 5209.30 ??
I believe the issue may be this:

Safety Alerts ARE supported in the USA and Canada but NOT for the USA_and_Canada map but, rather, for the North_America_2gb map.

What is the difference between the US/Canada map which is supposed to also include Mexico, and the North America map? Why the various maps in the units? US market v. other North American Markets?

Well, it used to be that the NA map was for Go models such as the 6x, 7x and 9x series while the USA & Canada map was for the (then) One series. The NA map contained many cspeechxx.dat files which are necessary for Voice Recognition, the USA_Canada models didn't have that functionality so those files weren't included.
Julius / Andrew,

When HOME gives the error, there is a details button. Could you copy and paste the details into a post, it might help us figure out what is happening?
Hi there mvl... thanks for your continued interest and desire to help. Below is the verbiage when the "Details" tab is selected:
ERROR: -500/#http://home.tomtom.com/download/Saf...&id=359&file=Safety_Cam_US_Canada_TomTom.ov2: Error from server: Internal Server Error
Internal Server Error
Error code: HTTP 500
URL: http://home.tomtom.com/download/Saf...e&id=359&file=Safety_Cam_US_Canada_TomTom.ov2
Additional information: info = [object]
info.method = [string] GET
info.resumeOffset = [number] 0
info.resumeDownloadEnabled = [boolean] false
info.entityID = [string]
info.file = [string] C:\Documents and Settings\Raj\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\safetycamera\Safety_Cameras_-_USA__CAN_-_Free_of_Charge\Safety_Cam_US_Canada_TomTom.cab
info.metaFile = [string] C:\Documents and Settings\Raj\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\temp\ec04d4342365a885fa13c2ad1610fddc.tmp.meta
info.tempFile = [string] C:\Documents and Settings\Raj\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\temp\ec04d4342365a885fa13c2ad1610fddc.tmp

Severity: 1105
0. chrome://tthome/content/logic/netutil.js:97
return new ServerError(responseStatusText, -responseStatusCode, aChannel.URI.spec, undefined, additionalInfo);
1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/downloader.js:363
exception = NetUtil.isRequestSuccess(this._channel, aStatus, this._getRequestInfo());

Time: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 01:39:14 GMT
Julius, when you go here:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\safetycamera\

do you see any sub folders in there?

If so, go to the one with the most recent date (all the sub folders will have names like this: Safety_Cameras_-_USA__CAN_-_Free_of_Charge-4) and you'll see some files including one with an extension of .cab.

Well, use WinRar to extract the files in that compressed .cab file and put them directly into the specific map folder on your unit.
Great suggestion, and I was thrilled when I saw the safetycamera folder. Unfortunately, it is completely emply.
Are the contents too large for someone to zip and attach here?

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