Unable to download/reinstall "USA/Canada" free safety camera on 140S

Jun 17, 2009
San Francisco Bay Area
Hi everyone. I just purchased a TomTom (140S) and really enjoying it, especially the lane assist feature. Makes it a lot easier navigating the California freeways here (San Francisco Bay Area, USA).

Only problem I notice is that I'm not getting any safety camera alerts when going thru intersections with cameras (even though TomTom Home shows the "safety camera' item is installed on the 140S. I also checked that the 140S's 'TomTom Services' safety camera Preferences were correctly set to have it give warnings). I can confirm these specific intersection have red light/speed cameras because my friends TomTom One 125 detects them.

In hopes of downloading & reinstalling (via TomeTome home) again the USA/Canada Safety Camera files over again fresh, I decided to remove the Safety Camera items completely from both the 140S as well as the backup of them on my PC via: TomTom Home's "Remove Items" page.

Unfortunately, to my disappointment when going to the "Add Traffic, Voices, Safety Cameras, etc" page in TomTom Home2 again, the USA/Canada Safety Camera item no longer appears as a down-loadable item. That said, does anyone know how I can re-install the free USA/Canada safety camera items back onto my TomTom 140S again?

Added note: even though I had removed the safety camera items from the 140S, there appears to be one safety camera related file left on my 140S in the following folder::

USA_ Canada_and_Mexico_P folder:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hi dhn: Many thanks for your quick informative reply.

Luckily, after some searching on the internet, II found the files I had accidently deleted:


Only after copying them into the US_Canada_Mex folder on my TomTom 140S and then running TomTom Home again, TomTomHome finally recognized them, and allowed me to both download and update the free US/Canada safety camera feature again.

A a newbie to GPS devices (the TomTome One 140S) being my first, I realize now I've got a lot to learn regarding importing and creating custom POI's and maximizing the power and customability these units provide.

I've now learned that the way the red light signal safety warnings are activated are not the the GPS unit detecting the camera itself, but triggered only because someone entered the GPS location as a POI.

I look forward to reading the many informative threads on this forum and learning a lot here, and hope you guys don't mind if I have more questions along the way.


Same files, but mine was posted.on some other 3rd party website. That said, is the link 'you' provided:


TomTom's own website?

Interesting note is that the US/Canada safety camera files doesn't include (or require) a .dct file like the safety camera files included for other Countries/regions. No idea why.

Interestingly enough, though the area where I live's got many intersection stop lights with visibly fixed 'red light' cameras perched atop them, only ONE intersection that I know of (approaching it from one direction only) actually t triggers my TomTom 140S to flash & sound an alert.

That said, is it possible to create new safety camera POI alert street intersection locations so my TomTom 140S will sounds & flash an alert at these other known red light camera intersection locations in the future? Thanks.

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