Trying to back up and update using HOME and now device is corrupt?

Oct 31, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
XL 30 Series
I tried to back up and update my device using TomTom Home. It was in progress then gave me an error message. I tried to start over and now every time I open HOME with the device connected I receive a runtime error. I read through discussions and forums they all say to start by backing up the device... I can't do this because HOME keeps giving me an error just by connecting the device.

Is there anything I can do to remove corrupt files from the device? I am even willing to buy a new map... right now I just can't seem to do anything. Not plugged in the device just shows the computer with the flashing red x, and plugged in I receive error messages. :(

I have a XL 30 Series - please help!
Let's start with the one important thing for your device -- your map folder. If we can get that located and it's intact, we can manage all the rest.

In your My Documents folder, look for the TomTom folder, and within that, look for HOME/Backup/GO (or is it XL for you?)/Backup01

In that folder, we MUST find the folder that contains your map data. It will start with North_America.. or a similar folder name.

Inside THAT folder, we are wanting to assure that critical large files such as cline.dat, cname.dat, cnode.dat and the like are there and intact (all measuring a hundred megabytes or more).

If you don't spot them there, we may find them on your unit. Just because Home misbehaves doesn't mean you can't use your PC to look at the contents of your XL. To your PC, it looks like another external drive.

IF you can find those files, let us know. We'll have you wipe your unit, move the map folder to the unit, and use Home to retrieve new unit firmware for you.
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usually with the error, HOME will have a more info box that gives lots of debug data. Can you copy / paste the error text here so we can see and debug?

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