Error message when trying to join update service

May 27, 2008
Is anyone else having this problem? I want to join the map update service while my map is still current on my new 630, but when I go to check out through Home, I get the error message below. I've tried some troubleshooting with TomTom online support (reinstalled Home, restored defaults), but it hasn't worked. Anyone else having this problem?

ERROR: 104/# Error from server: An error occurred while communicating with the server. The following information is incorrect: 'CENS identifier'
An error occurred while communicating with the server. The following information is incorrect: 'CENS identifier'
Error code: 104
Additional information: info = [object]
info.func = [string] payment/initiatePayment
info.args = [object]
info.args.deviceSerial = [string] JB4449I03643
info.args.pragueSerial = [string]
info.args.deviceCapabilities = [string] ASR ArrivalSounds Bluetooth CarSymbol Caymann Documents Durham ExternalModem GPRSEngine HDTraffic Handsfree HidRemote HomeBackup IPOD InternalFlash Itinerary Leeway LinkVolumeToNoise MapOverlays MapShare Microphone Newyork NotAutomotiveEmbedded PhoneFeatures PhotoBMPViewer PhotoJPGViewer PhotoViewer PlusBuddies PlusDownloadDynamic PlusDownloadGeneral PlusDownloadMap PlusDownloadPOI PlusDownloadRingTone PlusDownloadScheme PlusDownloadUpgrade PlusDownloadVoice PlusEphemeris PlusFixedSafetyCameras PlusFuelPrices PlusMessageNotification PlusMobileSafetyCameras PlusOnlineCamera PlusPushChannel PlusRoadConditions PlusTraffic PlusTripReporting PlusWeather Prague RDSTMC RichPOI Ringtone SDSlot SMSSupported SmsReceivedSound StartupImage SupportGetAMap SuspendImage TTS TTSCompressed TTSLoquendo700 Traffic VoiceBrowser VoiceRecording WarningSounds screensize=480x272
info.args.deviceParameters = [string] {"ApplicationVersion":"9982","ApplicationVersionVersionNumber":"8351","VehicleBrand":"","VehicleModel":""}
info.args.items = [string] 80028
info.args.productlist = [string] 80028

info.method = [string] POST
info.useCache = [string] false
info.dryRun = [string] false
info.xmluploadbody = [xml] <initiatePayment>
<content idurl="" certificate="North_America_2GB-106.meta.dct:BAAAAIrLlk1MWB3qkeuYrIo5Qb+78OdlIGUSxW7WD7HC+hbJ36xAHVc0ofoOWGAuqhjbW2YQQJ21fc9ArSIw9q+QxOEXeqGqiCwop5wu6TBp7alDqSrky6t0E7qMCQ6nKsDH5Wtt/1HWHdZrTFJVLAFbAnRiHwPqdeyGs+V1MCiTDM2l,"/>

Severity: 1105
0. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:468
xmluploadbody: this.xmluploadbody
1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:430
2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:277
this.request.onload = function() { me._done(true); }

Time: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 00:49:35 GMT
Are you by chance trying to connect via a wireless router? If so, can you try with a directly connected modem/router.
I am using a wireless router, yes, so will try connecting direct tonight... although I joined the service last spring for my old unit (920) no problem... but I suppose they could have changed something. I suppose the other test would be to purchase a voice or something (or try to) and see if I have the same problem or if it's just the map update service.
I don't pretend to know very much in this area. I did do a Google search and it seems there may be an issue with the TT server not getting the MAC address from your router (or something :confused: ).

It may be a firewall issue on your end as well...........hopefully, someone far wiser than I may be able to assist. But try the direct connection anyway.
Well, I tried connecting directly to the router, no luck. Same error message.

I have a feeling it's because I switched devices... clearly something is messed up, but I'm not sure how to resolve it. And TomTom isn't being helpful at all.
Have you used a different email address/password for the new device than for the old one?
I tried to do it with a new account, but even after deleting all the Home files I could find, wiping the tomtom itself, it still somehow knew which account it was associated with... presumably they link the unit id with the account in their databases?? Or am I missing some critical file or cookie that needs deleted? Thanks for helping to troubleshoot... it's more useful than anything I've gotten from TT so far...
When you uninstalled Home, did you use Add/Remove programs in Control Panel?

Also, go here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Application Data\TomTom\HOME\Profiles\ojs18cup.default

(the location bolded may be different on your computer)

and delete everything there. Then download Home from the website again and try to connect with your unit and use the new email address as the log in.
I did try that - but it always seems to revert to the original account. I wiped the unit, I deleted all my home files and reinstalled, etc., but it still seems to know that the unit is associated with the old account... not sure what i need to delete to break that relationship!

Thanks for the help, by the way... more than I'm getting from TT!
Perhaps another call to support and, with luck, somebody who has the right answer for you.

(I wonder whether it may have something to do with cleaning out the Registry of any references to Home? [not that I'd know how to do that ............:(])
I had the same problem and called TomTom CS. It is a known glitch in the system. I had to create a new account, change the account both in TomTom Home and on the unit itself. Then I was able to purchase the LIVE services.
I figured out how to get the new account associated with the device (just switch logins while it is plugged in to Home), and was able to join under the new account. Such a simple fix in the end, and you would think that TomTom would have been able to instruct that from the start!

Thanks for all the help!!
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From the main menu select CHANGE PREFERENCES

Then go until you see MY TOMTOM ACCOUNT (page 7 of 8)

Select that and then enter the new account email and password.

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