Purchased voices from previous unit to new TomTom

Dec 12, 2009
Hi, replaced my GO720 with a 620 and I have all working fine but I kind of wanted my purchased voices to appear / to load on the new machine. I can no longer use the GO720, is there a way to have these voices loaded to the new GPS or are the bean counters counting on another sale?

EDIT: looked at the TT website, there is only one machine which is ever allowed to use a single voice purchase. They must need money I suppose but I reckon I will not purchase again. It's a bit limiting.
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The screen took a hit - the digitiser lost the plot so I replaced it - the replacement screen starts up really solarised if you get what I mean and to put new maps plus a screen was more than a new unit with lifetime maps would cost - logical to update. It still works but I will not be using it again for the reasons I have mentioned. Also the touch sensoring is a bit out on the y axis
I suppose but I reckon I will not purchase again. It's a bit limiting.
Let's be fair. Your 720 is 10 year old technology.
Look at PCs.
Much to my regret, I have a programme that can still be installed on an XP but not on a Vista+.
OK so to go against logic, I purchased the voice, downloaded / activated and now my NEW 620 is mute, the premium voice selected and nothing but the machine alert for speed cameras and stuff. No premium voice. I deselected, reselected, held the power switch for a drummy reboot, still borked. Voice is OK on factory voices.
Come on TomTom, this is absolutely nonsensical. You guys need to chase this sort of thing up, I am not the first to have this occur.
ah yeah, I had to vent - already filed a report with them just now.... frustrating when you open the pocket and get a lemon. Thanks

Also, I doubt I will call their premium phone number for $0.99 a minute .... that rubs me up the wrong way lads! aye!
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The sands of data flow slowly, today I can report the voice works as it should. Jock - out!

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