? Ipod Song Names dont update on Tomtom

May 27, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Go 720
I connect an Ipod Touch to a TomtomGO720 to play through its FM transmitter. While playing, the track names dont update on the Tomtom display when the next track is played although the time runner bar itself does change. When I hit Pause or Track Forward buttons on the Tomtom the track name does update.

I put this issue to Tomtom support who suggested I reinstall the Tomtom application s/w which I did. To cut a long story short, an early version (7.4xx) of the s/w updated the track names correctly but the problem seems to be in the later versions (8.351). Tomtom then agreed there may be a glitch in the s/w that they will look at, and suggested I go back to an earlier version in the meantime. This I dont want to do.

Has anyone else noticed this issue and with what result?
I very much doubt TomTom will actually do anything about this issue, firstly they have dropped the iPOD player and mp3 player software and FM Tx hardware from their current line up of models claiming to concentrate more on the Navigational aspect of the device.
With the x20 range a few years old I cannot see them producing a Navcore update to fix an issue with software they are no longer developing, its a shame as the 720 is a very credible device indeed, I find mine is better in use when using the Navcore 7 software to be honest, I would like to be able to use a new map with the old software then it would be the unit of choice for use in the car, forget the IQ Routes and some of the other bits they have added to the device, put it back to the same software it was supplied with and it works a treat - Mike
Thanks Mike. Hadnt realised Tomtom quit the Ipod field although I did observe their latest products they were pushing didnt have Ipod capabilities. Anyway I can stop anticipating any further s/w upgrades for the Go720, thanks to your info.

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