Ipod Touch 4G & Car Kit

Jul 3, 2012
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Ok so i bought a tom tom car kit off ebay for my ipod touch for when i go on holiday next month.

I have tried to slot my ipod into this car kit holder and the ipod is loose and can be moved around in the holder

unlike the iphone holder which i orginally had this has a shocking fit where as the iphone 4 holder had a snug fit inside the holder.

someone said i could try and put something on the holder to make it a tight fit but what ?
No mate

i need the ipod fix

the ipod can be moved around in the holder when i clip it in there which means it comes off the gps receiver.

someone said you an put something on the holder to make it nice and snug
Just saw this browsing another iPod Tom Tom problem; if thread is still live, I fixed this with a rubber cover, ordered online from Hong Kong, cost about £1.00. There are hundreds of them ou there. Makes it big enough to contact properly with the contact on the base of the car kit

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