So close yet so far on my iPod Touch

Apr 5, 2009
I have an Ipod Touch 2G, and installed TomTom on it, and it works fine.

The reason I only just bought it is because it now "supports" traffic. and when i saw it on a mate's Iphone it had traffic.

On my ipod however, there's no traffic. This is ridiculous because I could always update the traffic information through wifi or use bluetooth and my phone to update the traffic just like dedicated tomtom devices do.

Is there no way to enable the traffic function anyway?

The app can access internet as I can still navigate to a local search through google. I don't see why tomtom would disable such a brilliant feature.
I take it this is not possible :-(

This is pretty much a deciding factor whether I switch from my symbian nokia to ipod touch.

I love the bigger screen, the refresh rate is much better (even if it only appears to be better) , but without traffic this is not a complete replacement :-(

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