xl340s closes route screen

Mar 18, 2013
united states
TomTom Model(s)
xl 340 s
My xl 340s will follow a planned route no problem but each time after about 2 minutes it closes the driving screen and goes to what I would call the introductions. The Tomtom screen, need directions?, etc. A tap on the screen puts it back on route for another 2 minutes. I have never really used it much since it did this right from the beginning.
Hi willky and welcome to TTF.

Don't blame you for not using it much if it turns off the screen!

Sounds like one of the preferences is not set the way you want. Tap on your screen, go to "Change preferences" "Safety preferences" and see what is all checked or un-checked as you scroll through the menus. I personally have the "turn off map display" checked "Never."
Use Explorer to look at the contents of the unit. Find a scripts folder and, if anything is in there, delete it.
Alfie67- I have always had the turn off map display set to never. It doesn't make a difference. It just wants to keep going to introduction/demo like it wants to get you to purchase it. I don't see much else for settings that might help except "restore faxtory default sttings." I have not tried that. The GPS was not used for so long that the battery must have discharged fully so I also assume I got a good reboot.
Before you go much further in the troubleshooting process, recommend you make a backup of your XL340 if you haven't already done so. See dhn's article here for details.

Also, I'd recommend doing what dhn suggested several posts previously (checking the TomTom's script folder).

Let us know what you find.

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