TomTom car kit(s)for Iphone and IPod Touch

Oct 14, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
GO 920
I notice there are separate car kits for the Iphone and IPod Touch.
For the IPhone it advertises as "enhanced GPS performance", for the Ipod Touch it simply says "built in GPS receiver".

Could you please tell me the difference. Thanks
The iPhone has a GPS, but prior to the iPhone 4 they were nowhere near as good as the Tomtom's kit. So Tomtom says "enhanced" since it's better than what's included in the iPhone.

The iTouch doesn't have a GPS, so "built in" is trying to say that the kit adds the required GPS for the Tomtom app to function.

I'm moving this post to the iPhone section.
The main difference is in the way the car kit handles the audio:

for the iPhone its via Bluetooth
for the iTouch its via the cradle connection

The GPS receiver is the same for both styles of car kit, the GPS signal is fed via the docking connector - Mike
would the iphone work with the ipod dock?? i don't see why anyone should pay more to use bluetooth when there's another version that uses the dock connector (more stable/less battery usage/no delay when connecting it during a call).

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