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Mar 18, 2012
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ipod touch
Hi - any suggestions welcomed!

I have a 4th generation ( believe) Ipod Touch. I have th Tom Tom app on it as well as the GPS converter unit.

I had solved the issue of the 4th Gen being too small for the GPS unit by buying a transparetn rubber case for it so that the connector on the unit base made proper contact. Fora few days it actually worked.

NOW I have a permanent' Poor GPS Reception' message; can anyone tell me what should I be doing?

(For the money spent on this I can't believe the hassle I'm having!) :mad:
Any chance that the GPS receiver gives better results if you pull all of the external cases off such that there is closer contact between the two devices? I am not clear about why adding a case would improve the contact. The connections should fit properly with nothing else wrapped around things. Can you explain what it was you saw about the connection that was troublesome?

This really isn't a TomTom issue (it's a Bad Elf or whatever problem), but it's interesting all the same.
Hi - thanks for the response, apologies for the slow delay:

1. Have tried without the case (had thought of this myself). Sadly no difference.

2. Re the casse, this is apparently a common problem with the carkit adpator and the iPod Touch / i Phone Gen 4 - in fact foudn the solution after much searching on this forum ( I think) - sorry, I don't have the link. The problem is that these phones / iPods are SHORTER than the others. Meaning that the contact at the base of the car kit adaptor does not get pushed in hard enough to the slot on the base of the iPod. Solution? Make the device bigger by adding a case and forcing a more snug contact.....

3. The Tom Tom advice (not yet taken) is to uninstall and reinstall. Mind you, they said this about the previous issue. I just can't figure out why the GPS wsa working and now is not. I am in the same place. Could it be an update on the Tom Tom that I am missing or I have installed without knowing it that has knocke me off course? or even an update on other software. My Ios is bang up to date. IN fadct recetnly updated - but the problem is the same pre and post update...

Any thoughts??!
Nope, wish I could help more, but I'm running the app on Android, so haven't used the GPS dongle you have been dealing with.

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