Car kit for ipod touch problem

Mar 18, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
ipod touch

I'm a little desperate here - can anyone help?

A few months ago I bought a car kit for my Ipod Touch, having bought the Tom Tom App.
I only got around to using it today. There seems to be NO GPS CONNECTION whatsoever.

Can anyone explain what is going on here? Have I missed something?

Do I need to have some kind of paid account to activate this (like I would need to have a paid account with a mobile network operator if it was an Iphone?)

Have I got a kit that somehow doesn't have GPS? But don't they ALL? (Isnt this what they are - mobile GPS units???)

One strange thing - the Tom Tom icon on my Touch homescreen is blank (no red hands) but it still works when I touch it - ie takes me into the (functioning) app

While on a route, there is a command to 'connect to gps', which, when pressed, does nothing.

What is going on??? Any answers out there???
It's possible to shut off the GPS system on your Touch, but I'm no expert on how the wireless features are enabled/disabled on that particular '"i" unit. Perhaps someone else can elaborate. If that's happened, it would explain your current malfunction. I assume it doesn't work any better outside of your car then when docked inside?

Am moving this one over to 'mobile' hoping it garners a few more replies.
Thanks. I will also post this reply in the mobile forum.

As far as I can see my Ipod settings are correct. That is to say

Settings>General>Location Services ON

I tried with them OFF but Tom Tom prompted me to turn them on.
(One detail here within Location Services, on 'camera' is on, while 'maps' and 'safari' are OFF - I will try with these ON, too).

Other observations:

1.In Tom Tom, 'Connect to GPS' appears at top of a selected rout screen. It is greyed out and nothing happens when I press it. Incidentally, next to it is a music symbol. Pressinng that makes a play / pause/ ff/ rewind icon appear which will respond to me - only I have no music / no interest in playing music off it right now.

2.The charger in the car cigarette lighter hsa the green light ON

3. BUT the Ipod does NOT seem to be charging its battery while plugged in.

Does this suggest some fundamental power problem?

Any ideas most welcome!

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