Iphone car kit problem

Mar 23, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
car kit, one
Have seen a fix for loose suction swivel (no problem with mine) but I have a problem with the iphone end swivel (where the speaker is) when i put my iphone in the kit as im driving the iphone does not stay put it goes from vertical to horizontal and back, making the sat nav difficult to read.

Is there a fix for this as i can't see how to get into that part of the kit
To fix this problem, you must remove the two screws in the swivel joint of the suction cup to the main base housing, when removed, there is a metal spring inside (care should be taken not to move the ball bearing inside), the spring pushes this ball bearing into the notches, which gives the clicking action when the suction base is turned. To strengthen this action you just need to bend the two side arms of the spring slightly (straightening them a bit more, but not too much). Then reassemble the housing and all should be fine.
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