Hands free Car kit for iphone

Nov 17, 2012
Milano, Italy
TomTom Model(s)
Hands-free Car Kit for iPhone
Recently I bought the new Hands free car kit for iPhone. I have a problem with the incoming calls when my 4s iPhone is docked on the kit. No problem with the outgoing calls. When I make a call pressing the green button of the phone, I see a screen with three push buttons and I can choose one of these options: earphones, hands free car kit, iPhone speakers. When I receive a call and accept it on the phone docked, it happens as if there is no bluetooth connection: I cannot use the microphone and the speakers of the kit. I can use the kit only if I press the green button on it when the phone is not docked. Of course, if I need navigation, the phone is docked and so the car kit is useless.
TomTom support service sent me a new car kit but also the new one has the same problem.
Is there someone that can help me?
P.S. I'm from Italy and my English is not so good. Sorry.


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