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Apr 1, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom go live
Hi everyone this is my first post:D

I am a seasoned Tomtom owner and have generally been very happy, my question is I want to have bluetooth hands free in my car.
My thinking is buy the new TomTom GO LIVE 1005 V2 Sat Nav - Europe saving me using a Parrot product ie no wiring just plug and go:thumb:
However will I be pleased with this solution .Is the Tomtom solution good ie. sound and functionality??
thanks in advance

i have tried it with my TT 720 , it was not bad but also not very well indeed , i think the parrot is better . i have a pioneer bt handsfree HU with built in parrot carkit
that works the best for me

Hi all

What do you think to the bluetooth hands free of TT?


Hi jonesyboy, I've merged your two topics together. Hence the repeated question.

IMHO, handsfree is not very well implemented by TomTom. If you look at their list of "supported" phones on their website ( it reads like a museum of ancient handsets.
Anything newer is POSSIBLY going to work, but it's pot luck whether you get functionality like phonebook import or text messages read out loud.

If you ask TT, they'll just say "sorry, not on the list..."

Whenever I've tried handsfree in the past, the actual audio quality has been passible at best. The "other end" usually complain you are very quiet too.
Does it slow the TomTom down on start-up while it re-imports the phone book every single time?
The VIA 1535TM works great with the Samsung galaxy SII for hands free :)
My HTC Droid Incredible 2 works well for incoming voice calls with my GO LIVE 1535. The contact list transfers to the GPS and gives me Caller ID on the screen of the 1535, and the incoming caller's speech from the 1535 is quite acceptable. In addition, people on the other end have always said that my voice sounds very clear and of normal volume to them.

I try to minimize distractions while driving, so I do not initiate calls myself while on the road. As a consequence, I cannot comment about how well that function works.

I have never received a text message on the 1535 screen, but I have no idea whether that is because the Bluetooth connection does not transfer text, or if I simply have not been sent a text message while I was driving.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
agree. it is unfortunately not very well implemented , on the TT720 my iphone is sometimes good (12%) most of the times dodgey (Not Good 34-40%) reasonable (rest)

on the Pioneer BT 7300 it is once paired easy , phone on > you can call and be called handsfree > phone off the system acts like (i know that it is there but not on)

so i prefer my pioneer to call in the car

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