Bluetooth handsfree crashes after 2-3 days - Discussion

Hello There (Orsay86 again)

Regarding the TTH version downgrading proposal to solve HD Traffic connecting problem with my 630 through nokia N97 (see previous post this day, same subject), i have tried with the very latest TT Home versions such as 9.400 and 9.401.
Are you still getting the solid green circle, but then no data on the service?

The fix mentioned in the article is about the device disconnecting from the phone. I suspect you're having a different issue with missing traffic information, even though the connection works fine.

The application i use is Traffic and radars REAL TIME (subscription not annouced as obsolete even if they mention that an embedded access to traffic is now available with newest TT live which do not oblige any more to connect through a mobile as a modem).
the symtoms i have seen at the time it still worked where:

- nokia saying "bluetooth connection impossible"
- tomtom rebooting (30 or 40 secs not available)

When i ask to connect to wireless services, i have the solid green rotating globe.
the process goes up tu 65% Then shows (i translate):

"Impossible to configutate the wireless connection.
Do you want to to select your phone model in a list or manually configurate your connection to data transfer ?"
Then comes 2 choices: EDIT LIST and MANUAL.

At this step, N70 or N76 or N78 or N90 usually did the connection job for the N97 bad guy

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